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Quick Updates from the Pacific Northwest

A Visit to Summit Christian Fellowship, Tacoma

As an old Crossway guy having moved recently from the Eastern Region to the West, I’ve been wanting to worship with and serve the churches in and around my new home. What a joy it is for Creekside Community Church to be just a 3 hour car ride away from Summit Christian Fellowship in Tacoma! It was a joy to open up Psalm 116 with their body as they go through a Summer in the Psalms. Our family was so encouraged by the time of worship together and being able to see the Sansburn family and others. We look forward to networking together to see healthy, reproducing churches throughout the Pacific Northwest with the hopes of a future Crossway Region multiplying there!

Baptism! Celebrations of New Life at Creekside Community Church

On Sunday morning, August 22nd, Creekside Community Church was able to hold an outdoor time of worship, culminating in our first baptism celebration since the beginning of COVID. Every baptism is so precious as we get to hear people share about being made into a new creation in Christ. These baptisms were also a powerful testimony to the value of good, gospel-centered youth ministry. All three people baptized, Henry, Shaylee and Evelyn, were teens in the youth ministry. The shared stories of placing their trust in Jesus and becoming new creations by his grace and spoke with sincere hearts about their earnest desire to follow Jesus all of the days of their lives. In the days since the baptism, there have been a good amount of conversation about baptism here at Creekside. So, hopefully, we will have more stories of God’s grace to share in the near future! 

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Eric Loyer