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  • DNA Part 1 – Biblical Convictions

    We join with the apostle Paul in believing that the gospel is THE matter of first importance in all of life (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). The gospel is not simply the message we “by which we are saved,” but it is also the reality “in which we stand” in our daily Christian lives. Being centered on the gospel means living each day focused on the good news of the cross of Jesus Christ so that it constantly fuels…

    • True humility, because we are reminded of our sin and helplessness apart from Christ.  It means we are continually aware of how he willingly suffered in our place to pay the penalty we deserved.
    • Fresh faith for today and tomorrow. As we are daily reminded of God’s willing sacrifice of his own son for us, then we are reminded of his promise to freely give us all things (Romans 8:32) and his commitment to work for our good in all things (Romans 8:28).
    • Genuine worship because we are reminded of God’s rich mercy and the undeserved favor he lavished on us. What a great love he has for us, and what a love welling up within us for him in response!
    • Real holiness because we are reminded of the great price of our sin, and our striving for obedience is not an attempt to earn his love or favor, but a reflection of our love for him.
    • Passion for mission because we are reminded of the wonder of what he did for us and we want to hold out the hope of the gospel to others.

    We have purposed to bring out this broader gospel focus both directly and indirectly through these studies.  Within our commitment to the gospel and foundational truths of historical Orthodox Christianity, we have adopted the essential Biblical Convictions covered on the following pages. These Convictions will certainly align us with many local churches but also set us apart graciously from others. While Crossway holds true to this Biblical doctrine in our teaching and conviction, we do not seek to be known for what we are against or to be set apart in spirit from some of our other brothers and sisters in the Universal Body of Christ.