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    All things Huddle 2022 – Scroll down for videos and updates from 2021 and 2022.

    Huddle Teaching Sessions

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    We Hope You Were Encouraged!

    What a delight it was to draw near together as a leadership family for Huddle 2022. We trust that all our Crossway leaders, friends, and guests became increasingly convinced of God’s love through our theme centered on Psalm 23 – “The Good Shepherd for Shepherds.”  

    Mark your calendars now for 2023! We will shoot for the week before Father’s day as usual (Huddle 2023 – June 12-14). The date is subject to location and availability so we will keep you updated. For now, this is the most concrete date to work around and is more than 90% likely.

    Enjoy a recap of all videos and updates from Huddle 2022. Use these in your churches to spread the word, cast vision, and connect people to the larger Crossway family vision. Please check back for the three teaching session videos.

    Huddle Videos

    Crossway Network Year in Review

    Church Planting Updates

    Crossway Burgaw – Burgaw, North Carolina
    Living Water Fellowship – Greeley, Colorado
    2023 Church Plant – Denver, Colorado

    International Church Updates

    Camino de la Cruz – Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Nepal Binay Church – Pokhara, Nepal
    Majak Network – Czech Republic

    All videos will also always be on Crossway’s Vimeo Channel.

    Huddle Booklet

    Men’s Breakout Session – Missional Impulse