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Remedy Church, 2010

  • Where: Originally – Brick, NJ
  • Planted: In 2010 (Now Redeemer Fellowship, Tom’s River, NJ)
  • Mission and Vision: To Make Disciples and Plant Churches

Launched in 2010

We are still a pretty new church plant. Our story starts back at the end of 2010. Eric, our planting pastor, was in Colorado working with a movement that was planting thriving, healthy, reproducible churches. These churches were preaching the Gospel, and seeing the power of transformed lives.

So, Eric and his family longed to see this same movement back at their home, on the Jersey Shore. So, in October of 2010, 11 dreamers got together to start praying, planning and asking the Lord’s grace to plant a church that would reach those that did not yet know Jesus, and to disciple those who already do. And slowly we began growing.

God started answering prayers, and it was not long before God grew us into the humble beginnings of the church that we have now.

Though we have grown, and we are able to have ministries that we could not have when we were meeting in a little apartment, our desire has never changed.  We want to see the Good News of Jesus transform our communities.  Our vision has never wavered either: we pray and seek the Lord for a movement of thriving, healthy, reproducible, Gospel Preaching, Jesus loving churches that are not living off past successes, but daily seeking the power of the Spirit to carry out a big mission.

Remedy Church soon became our current Redeemer Fellowship now in Tom’s River, NJ.

Crossway Staff

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