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Year One: What I am Learning

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Church planting is a faith-filled adventure, and kind of like being on a roller coaster with all its unexpected twists and turns. Living in Loveland for a few months now, we are learning and experiencing some realities of the church planting adventure.

  1. Team is critical. We are fortunate to have planted Redemption Church with an existing plurality of elders! This has proven to be a HUGE blessing! God brought our team together with diverse gifting to give us a solid foundation, which has made the first few months a joy, as we shoulder the load of ministry together.
  2. People are broken. No matter where you live, it doesn’t take long to see the messiness of life in the people within any community. However, we have found that people are more than willing to talk about the challenges in their lives if you are willing to ask and listen. Showing genuine love, care, and interest in people opens incredible doors for Christ to be proclaimed. God has connected us to many broken families thus far, and we believe God will bring salvation and healing to many families.
  3. Jesus is the only one who can redeem. As we seek to faithfully hold out the hope of the Gospel, we’ve been reminded that God is the only one who can save. We are to plant seeds and water seeds, but God is the one who causes the growth. (1 Cor. 3:7) This has been so helpful in keeping our hearts in a posture of dependent prayer, but also motivating as we know our God is all about seeking and saving the lost, for that is why He sent His Son!

Please continue to pray for Redemption Church, that God would graciously use us to see countless lives redeemed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Christ,
Matt Brown

Crossway Staff

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