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Direct Help for Ukrainian Refugees

When the world is experiencing some more specific and painful elements of unrest like the last couple of days in Ukraine, many people will often be stirred to help in incredibly generous ways. But it’s not always all that straightforward to share resources across the globe simply because we don’t always know where they are going. We want the funds we send to get directly to the greatest place of need and into the hands of those who will minister the needs right alongside the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, what if there were displaced Ukrainians who were fleeing to your city? What if your church had the opportunity to serve these people, meet their needs, and declare to them the greatest love ever known in the gospel? You’d likely want to jump in and help in any way the Lord was leading. Well, we have almost that exact opportunity found in supporting several churches and a network that’s right in the Crossway family but half way across the world in the Czech Republic!

Check out this video or read the note below from Pastor Freddy of Majak Network (meaning “Lighthouse”):

Hello friends, 

Majak has been involved in ministry to Ukrainian people for quite some time. We have already helped several families move to the Czech Republic and get settled. They have become a part of Majak Church and one of the Ukrainian leaders is in the process of becoming an elder at Majak right now. 

Through these connections we have a unique opportunity to help Ukrainian refugees that are on their way to Czech. At this moment we are working with 10 – 15 families that are on the way from the Eastern part of Ukraine. The first families will be arriving tonight. These are mostly women and children as men are not allowed to leave Ukraine. 

We are trying to find accommodations for these families plus food, clothes, and all the essentials. They are coming with nothing. There are hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians leaving the country and we hope we can help at least some of them.  We have started to gather resources to get ready and we have talked to the city office to see how they can help with places to live. We have asked the local Majak Network churches to start an offering to collect money for help. 

Some in the Crossway Network have asked if you can help in any way. I would like to ask if you would join us in financial support. If this is something you would like to be part of helping with Ukrainian unrest, this will be a way to help specific people that are connected to Majak Church. Anything you can do will be helpful!

Thank you for considering our request. 
God bless,

OR – You can also send a check (Majak/Ukraine in the Memo Line) to Crossway Network, 700 Automation Dr. Unit D, Windsor, CO 80550. The check should be made out to Crossway Network. All donations will be sent to help Majak serve these Ukrainian families.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and someone will answer within 24 hours. Please be in prayer for these dear families and for the people of the Majak Churches who are serving them, supplying their needs, and leading them to their true refuge in Jesus. Thank you!

Clark Richardson

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  1. Jason on March 7, 2022 at 6:36 pm

    Can I help a Ukrainian family. I’m in Ontario and wondering if I can share my home with my daughter and I.
    Let me know if this is possible and if you can point me in the right direction.
    Thank you