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Crossway Network Regional Multiplication Update


The Mountain Pacific Region – A New Milestone for the Crossway Network of Churches

“The mission of the Crossway Network of Churches is to plant and support healthy, reproducing churches and regional networks of churches throughout the world for the glory of God.” 

It is with great excitement that we share a significant development that has unfolded over this past year. During the 2022 Crossway Network Huddle, something remarkable began to take shape—a profound connection and shared vision emerged among pastors from the Northwest. Informal discussions turned into earnest conversations, centered around deepening friendships, fostering collaboration, and intensifying our church planting mission in the Northwest.

As these conversations unfolded, an idea surfaced that held immense potential for the growth and impact of the Crossway Network. It was proposed that the Western Region multiply into two smaller, more focused regions: a Colorado Region and a new region to be created in the Northwest, encompassing churches in Sheridan, Bozeman, Oregon and Washington. The prospect of establishing this new region quickly gained momentum, aligning beautifully with Crossway’s vision to reproduce regional networks of churches.

Following the Huddle, the lead pastors from Creekside Community Church in McMinnville, OR; Kaleo Community Church in Aberdeen, WA (nearing the end of the adoption process); Mountain View Community Church in Bozeman, MT; Sheridan Bible Church in Sheridan, WY; and Summit Christian Fellowship in Tacoma, WA convened on the West Coast in early March. The purpose of their gathering was to seek the Lord’s guidance, deepen their bonds of friendship, and plan a proposal for the formation of the new region. By God’s grace, it became evident that this step was indeed good and right. And so, with great conviction, the pastors decided to continue moving forward and to name the region the Mountain Pacific Region, affectionately known as “MPAC.”

Mountain Pacific Regional Pastors Gathering in Oregon

With the retreat concluded, the proposal was presented to the Western Region Lead Pastors for careful review. After earnest prayer and thoughtful consideration, a decision was reached—one that brought joy and blessing to all parties involved. Today, we are thrilled to announce the birth of the newest Crossway Network Region, the Mountain Pacific Region!

As we move forward, it is important to acknowledge that multiplication, though filled with excitement and anticipation, does come with certain challenges. We recognize the sadness that may accompany less frequent interactions with our beloved Colorado churches and leaders. We also acknowledge the increased responsibilities of administration and finances as an independent region. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our conviction that this step is one that must be taken, and one that will be blessed by the Lord. As a Network, we believe in the strategic value of multiplying regions and establishing new ones for the benefit of relational interdependence, collaboration, and resource sharing in closer proximity. We trust that as new churches are planted as we work together as a region that the Mountain Pacific Region will multiply one day as well!

The Mountain Pacific Region represents a significant milestone in the growth and influence of the Crossway Network of Churches. It is a testament to the dedication and unity of pastors and leaders, as well as their shared commitment to the mission of planting and supporting healthy, reproducing churches. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have been part of this journey and have contributed to the formation of MPAC.

Please join us in celebrating this exciting development and lifting up prayers for the MPAC Region as it begins its journey as a new Crossway Network Region. Together, let us anticipate the incredible Kingdom impact that lies ahead and remain expectant for the creation of many more Crossway Network Regions in the future. The glory of God is our driving force, and we eagerly await the remarkable things He will accomplish through His church.

May His grace and blessings overflow in the Mountain Pacific Region and throughout the entire Crossway Network of Churches!

In His service,

MPAC Pastors

Ben Sansburn (new Regional Director), Steve Mansour,  Chris Schuett, Grant Gubser, and Ben Jimenez

Grant Gubser