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    Thank you for investigating ministerial licensing credentials through Crossway Network. We’re privileged to be on the journey with you. As you pursue the application process you will learn why we value licensing with the Network overall in addition to pastoral ordination with your local church. In short, it provides another layer of theological and philosophical integrity and preservation for us as a Network and another layer of credibility for you as a pastor. We trust that the entire process will be a blessing to you as you journey through.

    Please note that the completion of this Licensing process is required for pastors and leaders pursuing Crossway’s Church Planting or Church Adoption Pathways.


    Questions in the MS Word Version are not spaced for answering assuming the applicant will enter answers directly in the document.


    Crossway Network will grant ministry credentials to those who meet the requirements of the IRS for the role of “minister” as affirmed by their local church. This includes those ordained (or recognized) as pastors in their local churches, as well as others who meet the IRS requirements and have roles of ministry within their local churches, but who are not formally recognized as pastors.


    Those wishing to pursue credentials through Crossway Network will go through the following procedure. This includes both those who are pursuing licensing for the first time, as well as those wishing to switch credentials they currently hold through another organization:

    • The endorsement of the candidate’s local church, including the affirmation that the individual currently meets the requirements of “minister” according to the IRS tax code as defined by that local church’s policies.  See Part 2 of the Licensing Application.
    • An extensive theological and personal application to be submitted to the licensing team included in Parts 3-5 of the Licensing Application.
    • A formal interview before the Crossway Licensing Team (spouse included) either in person or via video conferencing.
    • Formal approval or denial from the Licensing Team.


    Licensing is intended only for those actively ministering within Crossway Network churches. Their ministerial license will be renewed automatically every two years. If a person moves on to ministry outside of a Crossway Network church, their ministerial license will not be renewed. If an extension is needed while that individual obtains licensing through some other agency, one can be requested.


    The Crossway Licensing Team will consist of three to four pastors from within the Crossway Network, with at least one who is also serving on the Crossway Servant Team. The Licensing Team members will be approved each year at the annual Crossway Network Huddle.


    To uphold the theological convictions and integrity (DNA) of the Crossway Network as defined in the Crossway Overview and the DNA Curriculum. Candidates will be expected to show a solid theological understanding and have the ability to represent their own views thoroughly and biblically. The team will also look into the character and practical ministry skills of the candidate, although they will trust and rely heavily on the local church who has recommended the candidate to the process in these areas.