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    The mission of the Crossway Network of Churches is to plant and support healthy, reproducing churches and regional networks of churches throughout the world for the glory of God. If you’re here, we know it’s likely you and your church are attracted to that mission as well.  Even though we are passionately committed to raising up our planters and pastors from within, we joyfully welcome those God leads to join us in furthering the fame of our great Lord and Savior.  We’re grateful for your interest. God has brought many choice and gifted leaders to Crossway who have added much to our fellowship and influence for the glory of God. If you lead an existing church and would like to explore a partnership with Crossway through our church adoption pathway, please contact a pastor from your sponsoring church (see below) or email us at

    The following represents a clear pathway to this potential family relationship within the Network.  We want you to know that it is highly relational and interdependent and will require some significant pursuit on your end.  At the same time, know that we are committed to your team of leaders and your church body as you continue to step forward in the mission of Jesus.   In order to join Crossway through adoption, the following items need to be fulfilled. You can also download the Church Adoption Pathway here:

    1. Crossway Network Alignment

    • At least one pastor must be known and in relationship with an existing Crossway Network local church pastor team for a period of one to two years.  This existing Crossway Network Church will become the “sponsoring church” for this Adoption Pathway.
    • Completion and affirmation of Crossway’s DNA Studies (Biblical Convictions, Ministry Philosophy, and Leadership Culture) with existing Crossway leadership.
    • Attend a Crossway Network Leadership Huddle.
    • There must be a functioning plurality of pastors that reflects Crossway’s leadership culture.  If you are currently the only pastor/elder leading your church, we anticipate partnering together to help establish a plurality with you.  
    • Lead pastor licensed with Crossway. Please see the licensing process and application here on our Resource page.
    • Depending on the health and clarity of vision in the church, consider a church leadership coaching relationship with one of Crossway’s trained Next Tier Coaches.
    • A recommendation letter from the sponsoring church to the team of regional pastors affirming the adopted church’s alignment with Crossway. 

    2. Adoption Approval

    • Participation in Regional pastor meetings for at least 6 months prior to adoption approval.
    • Unanimous approval of the church adoption by all regional lead pastors.
    • Crossway Network Servant Team confirmation of process and input back to the region and local (sponsoring) church.

    3. Embrace Crossway’s Ongoing Commitments and Expectations

    • Participation in the annual Crossway Network Huddle (leadership gathering) with completion of the adoption pathway by the 2nd Huddle (exceptions will be graciously evaluated on a case by case basis).
    • Participating in regional pastor gatherings in person if possible, or via video (“lead” pastors meet monthly and all pastors/elders meet quarterly).
    • Participation in a new region when 3-4 Crossway Network churches are in relationship by being planted or adopted in relatively close geographical proximity to one another.
    • Set aside 10% of all general giving for church planting – 5% (can include other missions efforts outside of Crossway Church Planting) and 5% specifically to Crossway regional church planting. The second 5% listed will be sent monthly to a collective regional account.  The regional lead pastors decide in plurality (including those adopted in) how this collaborative fund is spent on church planting according to guidelines each region sets up independently.
    • Annual contribution towards the Crossway Network.  This ranges between $250-$2,000 annually depending upon size of church.