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A New Majak Church is Born!

We have an amazing announcement! While the war in Ukraine ravages the country and displaces its people, a church has started that continues to welcome and build a Ukrainian community in Vsetin, Czech Republic. Many will remember the effort from earlier this year that our sister Network, Majak (“Lighthouse”), initiated to care for refugees. See the story here.

As the flow of refugees has slowed and the Majak leadership, including one Ukrainian pastor, has gotten a better picture of the ministry ahead, a church has been born!

Pastor Freddy of Majak Church Network writes:

The Czech Republic has always had many Ukrainians migrating to get work. About 4 years ago Majak started to develop a ministry to Ukrainians. At first it was a small community with two stable families and some transient workers. We had hoped that over time we could reach more of the Ukrainians living in the Czech city of Vsetin.

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Majak was able to mobilize and help over 3,000 refugees. Many of them simply passed through, but about 200 of them decided to stay. We helped them in many practical ways, but also wanted to offer them the opportunity to be part of the church. We did not wan them to be only passive visitors at Majak, but to actively serve one another and reach out to their countrymen.

The story of the birth of this Ukrainian church is a story of how big our God is. It’s a story of how he can take the worst circumstances and make something beautiful and good.

Pastor Freddy

So, by God’s grace, we started Majak Ukraine – a gathering that is part of Majak Church, but for Ukrainians. Now Majak Ukraine has about 150 people. We are helping them to form a leadership team and create a structure for the church. Also we are helping to raise money as refugees don’t have much to give.

This is a great testimony to what God can do. He can take the pain of war and turn it into something beautiful – a church where people worship him and serve one another and people who don’t know Him yet. 

Take a quick look at update from Majak here:

There has been a tremendous outpouring of generosity to support the Ukrainian refuge effort. Thank you so much to our growing community out there who has given so much. If you are able and God is leading you to support what is truly a church planting effort with 150-200 Ukrainians in Vsetin, please consider the options below.

OR – You can also send a check (“Majak/Ukraine Church” in the Memo Line) to Crossway Network, 700 Automation Dr. Unit D, Windsor, CO 80550. The check should be made out to Crossway Network. All donations will be sent to help Majak establish and strengthen this brand new church born out of adversity and war.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and someone will answer within 24 hours. Please be in prayer for this amazing gathering of Ukrainian believers and those they are reaching out to in order to lead them to their true refuge in Jesus. Thank you!

Clark Richardson